Is Borderline Personality Disorder a Disability?

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When someone deals with a mental health disorder, it can impact their lives in many different ways. Someone who has borderline personality disorder may find it difficult to establish relationships, accomplish their goals, or even hold down a job. This can lead them to ask “Is borderline personality disorder a disability?” Knowing the answer to this can allow the person to explore options for receiving financial assistance that is extended to those suffering from difficult mental health conditions. 

About Borderline Personality Disorder

The first step in answering the question “Is borderline personality disorder a disability” is to understand the specifics of this mental health disorder. Borderline personality disorder is a mental illness that falls under the heading of a personality disorder. People who have it find that it affects how they think, act, and react in a variety of situations. The onset of this challenging condition usually occurs by early adulthood. However, it may be misdiagnosed and requires a physician or therapist skilled in understanding the disease to be able to provide an accurate assessment. 

People with a borderline personality disorder do not always see themselves, other people, or situations in an accurate way. They often act out or react in irrational manners not appropriate for the situation. They tend to have overwhelmingly negative feelings and assumptions that others are treating them poorly. This mental illness makes it extremely difficult for the individual to understand they have a flawed perception. Instead, they blame other people and situations for what they feel is wrong in their lives. 

Untreated borderline personality disorder can cripple a person’s ability to have healthy relationships with family members, friends, and romantic partners. It can also create unnecessary stress and difficulty on the job or at school. 

Is Borderline Personality Disorder a Disability?

Is borderline personality disorder a disability? It absolutely can be, depending on a person’s definition of “disability”. Many people who have it can function fairly well in life and would not fall under the heading of being disabled. For others, the severity of their case may qualify them as having a disability. When borderline personality disorder makes it impossible or extremely difficult for a person to hold down a job, it may be worth exploring their options for applying for disability payments.

Man asks his doctor if borderline personality disorder is considered a disability

Can You Claim Disability if You Have Borderline Personality Disorder?

Those interested in exploring options for qualifying for disability will be glad to know it is included in the list of mental health disorders covered by the Social Security Administration (SSA). However, several criteria must be met in order to be approved for disability. 

Evidence required by the SSA includes objective medical evidence supplied by medical sources, including physicians, psychologists, clinical mental health counselors, and others. The evidence must support the claim that a person is unable to work due to the severity of their borderline personality disorder. Evidence may also be sought from sources such as the individual’s family members, friends, caregivers, clergy, case managers, and more. The SSA will also look into any information they need related to a person’s history with work, work-related programs, and vocational training. 

A person can apply for disability online or by calling 1-800-772-1213. Those who are hard of hearing or deaf can call the toll-free TTY number:  1-800-325-0778. More information about what it takes to qualify for disability is on the Disability Benefits FAQ page

How to Treat Borderline Personality Disorder

Treatment for borderline personality disorder requires formal care administered by a facility that specializes in mental health care. Once a formal assessment is made to ensure the person has this illness, a treatment plan can be created. The plan will include attending multiple types of therapy sessions that help people with mental health disorders. This includes evidence-based modalities such as individual therapy, family therapy, holistic therapy, and more. 

Therapists help guide people to learn how to see their emotional reactions realistically and adapt them to more positive ones. The person learns to build their self-esteem and take responsibility for what they can control. In addition, they learn how to handle symptoms they cannot control in a more productive way.

Finally, many people with borderline personality disorder benefit from taking FDA-approved medications to help manage their symptoms. The treatment team can make a recommendation for any necessary medications and monitor the person to see how they work. 

Begin Treatment for BPD at Montare Tucson

If you are asking yourself Is borderline personality disorder a disability?”, you may also be in need of structured treatment that helps improve your mental health. Montare Behavioral Health of Tucson created a program that provides focused care for those who have borderline personality disorder. We provide comfortable  housing in our facility that feels like a home. Aditionally, our staff of treatment experts teaches people to understand the challenges of their mental health and how to improve their symptoms. 

For more information about treating borderline personality disorder, contact us today. Our staff can help you determine the best program to suit your treatment needs.