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Those who experience repeated exposure to trauma over a long period of time may end up developing complex trauma. When this happens, it becomes necessary to seek a trauma treatment center such as Montare in Tucson, Arizona that specializes in treating complex trauma. The experienced staff at a professional treatment program for trauma will understand exactly how to help someone with complex trauma overcome it. In addition, our trauma therapy in Tucson, AZ allows each person to recover from complex trauma symptoms and enjoy better mental health.

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What is Complex Trauma?

Complex trauma happens as a result of a person experiencing long-term or ongoing traumatic events. For example, if the person is involved in one car accident, they will not develop complex trauma. However, if they experienced long-term traumatic situations, they may develop complex trauma. The most common examples of these events are childhood physical abuse, childhood sexual abuse, or domestic violence. It also occurs to those held as prisoners of war or in other ongoing hostage situations.  

Someone who develops complex trauma may also have co-occurring mental health disorders. These include mood disorders and personality disorders. They may also abuse alcohol or drugs in order to relieve symptoms of complex trauma. Sadly, this can lead to developing a substance use disorder. Trauma treatment in Tucson, Arizona can help a person understand how to process the trauma they endured in a healthy way. From there, they can reduce and end their symptoms and overcome their trauma.

Our Complex Trauma Treatment in Tucson, AZ

Our trauma treatment center takes place in a beautiful residential setting. This allows each individual to concentrate on getting round-the-clock care they cannot get in an outpatient setting. We get to know each person so that we understand what unique needs they have. If someone has more than one mental health diagnosis, we can address that, too. Additionally, many people who suffer from trauma also develop a substance use disorder. We can treat them for this condition at the same time through our dual diagnosis treatment program.

Types of Therapy for Trauma in Tucson, AZ

Someone new to trauma treatment in Tucson, Arizona may wonder what options are available to them. We offer multiple types of therapy to give people the chance to work on treating their symptoms in several different ways. The types of therapy we offer include:

Additionally, we offer Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy (EMDR). EMDR has helped many people reduce and eliminate the symptoms of PTSD. Trained therapists help the individual by using directed eye movements and other non-invasive instructions.

Woman overcoming complex trauma at our treatment center in Tucson Arizona
Man experiencing the benefits of Montare and our complex trauma treatment center in Tucson, Arizona

Benefits of Our Complex Trauma Treatment Center in Tucson, Arizona

One of the first benefits of our trauma treatment center in Tucson, AZ, consists of getting the right diagnosis. Because several types of trauma exist, it’s important for a proper assessment to be given to determine the existence of complex trauma. From there, a treatment plan that meets each person’s needs can be formulated. 

Complex trauma treatment cannot be fully effective if just one type of therapy is used. People with PTSD require access to multiple types of therapy in order to heal. Another benefit of treatment happens when all therapy modalities take place in one location. Additionally, the treatment team has extensive training in treating trauma. EMDR can be a productive way to treat complex trauma. Because of this, each person should have access to this type of therapy.  

Trauma can impact anyone’s ability to work, go to school, or just get through the day. Residential care offers the benefit of leaving home and focusing solely on treatment. Tucson, Arizona, is an ideal location for people to live while they learn how to overcome their symptoms of trauma.

Begin Therapy & Treatment for Complex Trauma in Tucson, Arizona

Do you suffer from complex trauma or know someone who does? Montare Behavioral Health of Tucson understands how important it is to provide effective, compassionate help for this condition. Our trauma treatment center in Tucson, Arizona features a staff of several experienced treatment providers who help guide you through recovering from PTSD. We offer a variety of therapy modalities that help people overcome complex trauma. We also provide an alumni program that helps people maintain the good mental health they achieve with us.

If you have any questions about getting help for complex trauma, contact us now. We can show you how to get started getting the help you deserve today.