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Residential care is an important, viable option for many people who are in need of or interested in a more hands-on type of treatment. Our residential mental health treatment facilities in Arizona provide a serene homey environment that allows you to live with us while you focus on getting better. While enjoying a beautiful residential facility, you receive the benefits of multiple types of therapy. Each type proves helpful for improving the symptoms of your mental health disorder. Your time with us will result in returning home with the tools you need to continue to enjoy the results.

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What to Expect at a Residential Mental Health Treatment Facility

We want everyone who comes to our mental health residential treatment facilities in Arizona to know what to expect. Taking the mystery out of what residential care is like helps patients feel calmer and more secure as they transition into our treatment program. We have multiple staff members who work together as a team to make your stay with us productive. We make sure that you have a variety of types of therapy sessions that give you knowledge, inspiration, and empowerment. As well, we make sure you feel at home and able to enjoy time relaxing and having delicious meals. This balance helps make the most of your stay with us as you work towards better mental health. 

Typical Day in Residential Treatment 

When you arrive, we will go over the schedule we have created to meet your specific needs. A typical day will include meeting with therapists for sessions designed to improve mental health disorders. Sessions range from individual therapy done one-on-one with a counselor to group sessions attended by several residents. Holistic therapy and family therapy sessions also round out some of the therapy modalities offered to our patients.

Each day we serve meals and snacks to our residents. All meals are planned to be nutritious, filling, and tasty, providing dependable breaks in the day to refuel. Additionally, our patients have common areas to gather in that feel comfortable and relaxing. They can get to know each other, watch television on our big screen TV, and engage in peer support. We also have a luscious backyard with inviting patio furniture to allow everyone to enjoy fresh air and sunshine.

What to Bring 

At Montare Behavioral Health of Tucson, Arizona, we provide many of the staples you will need, including linens for your bedroom and bathroom. We recommend you pack comfortable clothing for both attending daily treatment sessions and for downtime between sessions, at night, and on the weekends. Time and weather permitting, patients may have a chance to get outside and will need appropriate attire. Once an admission date has been set, we can provide more specific recommendations for what items to bring with you. 

Tour Our Residential Mental Health Treatment Center in Tucson, Arizona

Take a look at our residential treatment center for mental health here in Tucson, Arizona. At Montare of Tucson, it is important that we offer a comfortable space for people to heal and to learn how to treat their mental health conditions.

The Difference Between Residential and Inpatient Treatment

The terms “residential and “inpatient” can be confusing. Inpatient centers typically take place in a hospital or other medical-type setting. They are clinical in nature and usually do not offer many amenities. Our mental health residential treatment center in Arizona differs from inpatient care in a few ways. First, we deliver world-class care for mental health disorders without an impersonal setting that feels nothing like home. We designed our center to feel like a residence. Beautiful inside and out, each room features tasteful, modern decorating touches. You feel like you are at home while you focus on improving your mental health.

Inpatient treatment is often about treating someone in crisis who needs to be monitored and kept safe in a locked facility. This helps keep them and others safe. Stays in an inpatient facility are typically short-term and designed to stabilize a person. From there, the individual can transition into a residential or outpatient care program. 

With residential care, intensive care is not needed by the patients 24/7. They typically attend a variety of types of therapy during the day but have the freedom to move around and enjoy downtime afterward. Stays at residential mental health treatment facilities vary in length of time. Most people benefit from a stay of at least 30 days, while others may get the most out of receiving treatment for two months or more. Each patient will receive an assessment during their admission and an estimated length of stay.

People healing at our mental health residential treatment facilities in Tucson, Arizona

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Montare Behavioral Health of Tucson understands that effective, meaningful care often comes from a residential program. We provide a comfortable place for people to live while they work on improving their mental health. Our team has designed a home away from home that puts the focus on you and what you need to get better. We also offer family therapy to help loved ones come together and help their family member get better. 

If you would like to know more about our residential mental health treatment facilities in Arizona, visit our admissions page now. Our admissions staff can help you get started today.