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Family therapy in Tucson, AZ may be the missing piece of the puzzle you need to find. If you deal with a mental illness or an addiction to drugs or alcohol, your family life often suffers. For this reason, we provide family therapy that helps people to learn to have meaningful dialogues and settle past differences. This allows everyone to come back together peacefully and focus on providing the support you need to get well. When this happens, recovery becomes easier for many people.

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How Does Family Therapy in Tucson, AZ Treat Mental Health?

While the person receiving therapy remains the focus of sessions, great benefits can happen when the family members are brought into the circle of healing. For many family members, mental health disorders remain a mystery. Family therapy Tucson, AZ can start with making sure loved ones understand the specifics of any mental illnesses their family member has. This type of education can really open up everyone to understanding the challenges the individual faces. They can learn what their family members can control and what is out of their control.

Mental illness can make it hard for a family to communicate with each other. They may walk around on eggshells or feel tempted to argue without being able to resolve their issues. Often, everyone feels more comfortable discussing their thoughts and feelings when a neutral party leads the conversation. Old negative patterns can be replaced with healthy ones and new ways to communicate can be learned. Additionally, if any co-dependent relationship behaviors have occurred, the therapist can help explain them and guide family members out of using them.

Trained family therapists observe how the members of the family communicate and treat each other. It provides a real window into the world of their client and any areas that may need addressing when it comes to the family. They can redirect miscommunication and teach people to speak their minds respectfully and listen with an open mind to others. 

Family therapy also helps people understand the roles they can play in helping their loved one improve their mental health. They can learn when to offer help and when to stand back. They can learn to set healthy boundaries and respect those set by others. 

Family Therapy vs Individual Therapy

Individual therapy takes place between a therapist and one person. Sessions help the person process a variety of concerns and conditions. Different types of therapy can be used, including cognitive-behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy. The therapist and the person they treat act as a team with a goal of helping the individual improve their mental and emotional health.

Family therapy can be provided by different types of counselors. This includes psychologists, psychiatrists, marriage and family therapists, and social workers. They are trained to help bring families together in pursuit of common goals. 

Family therapy in Tucson involves bringing loved ones into the treatment process. When someone suffers from a mental health disorder or a substance use disorder, they often are not the only people to feel the effects. Family members often become involved when someone they love suffers. Mental health disorders and addiction impact relationships, including those with children, parents, siblings, spouses, and more. Even non-family members who are close friends with the individual can fall under the category of family members.

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What to Expect at Our Tucson, AZ Family Therapy Program

Our family therapy in Tucson begins with the decision on who to include in the sessions. The individual receiving therapy can work with the therapist on ideas for who to ask to participate in family therapy. For some people, it can be quite productive to include specific family members. For others, there may be some who are too toxic or potentially triggering to ask to participate. Romantic partners can be included, as can close friends. While some family members may decline to become involved in the sessions, many say yes, creating a ripe opportunity for family members to reconnect. 

Family therapy can provide an optimal way for loved ones to come together under the guidance of a professional therapist. The therapist helps everyone learn to communicate in an effective manner. This allows everyone to speak their minds about past events and what’s currently going on. From there, the family can learn how to support the individual heading into the future. 

Begin Family Therapy in Tucson, Arizona

Do you struggle with a mental health disorder or a substance use disorder and find it affects more than just your life? When one person is in trouble, it can impact the entire family. Montare Behavioral Health of Tucson provides help that addresses the needs of the individual and their loved ones. Our family therapy in Tucson, AZ understands how to help a family unit come back together. Our family therapists teach effective communication skills that allow you to move out of the past and build a bright future together.

Would you like more information about how our family therapy can help? Contact us today and let us talk to you about how to get started. We can help your family become healthy and whole again.