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Montare Behavioral Health of Tucson provides residential treatment for depression that differentiates itself from other programs throughout the U.S. due to our innovative approach. We curated our list of therapies to include the most effective, evidence-based options to empower people to achieve optimal mental health. When someone stays with us, they receive world-class care not found in other programs. Our staff of trained clinicians work as a team to help people ease their symptoms of depression and look forward to their next phase in life.

Everyone gets the blues from time to time. They feel sad for a short period and then things improve on their own. Depression is a different story. When someone develops depression, they are dealing with a mental health disorder. It impacts their ability to feel positive and participate fully in their personal lives, relationships, and at work. Depression can be genetic in nature, tied to specific events in a person’s life, or seemingly come out of nowhere. Getting professional depression treatment in Tucson, Arizona, helps people discover the source of their depression and how to treat it. The right kinds of therapy help people experience joy and hope again and leave depression behind.

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What is Depression?

Depression is a mental health disorder classified as a mood disorder. Someone with depression experiences a persistent feeling of sadness and hopelessness they cannot seem to overcome. A person with depression may want to participate fully in life and be enthusiastic about things like their career, favorite pastimes, and relationships. However, depression stops them from feeling able to do so. This condition can cause a person to withdraw from day-to-day living. When left untreated, it can even cause people to spiral down into thoughts of suicide. 

When someone finds themselves in the grips of depression, getting professional help becomes paramount. Depression treatment in Tucson, AZ allows a person to seek help from trained counselors, doctors, and other clinicians. They use a variety of types of therapy, as well as any necessary medications, to help people overcome depression. 

When is Residential Care for Depression Necessary?

When someone has depression and wants to begin treatment, they have two choices. Outpatient care works well for some people who do not have severe depression and can live at home while attending sessions at a facility during the day. For those with more severe symptoms or who have not had success with outpatient care, residential treatment for depression works better. A stay in residential treatment typically lasts 30 days or longer and provides a safe haven for people to begin healing without the distractions of their daily home and work lives.

If you aren’t sure whether or not you have depression, it’s important to talk to a licensed practitioner about your symptoms to see if you have depression. 

Girl receiving depression treatment in Tucson
Residential treatment for depression at Montare Behavioral Health of Tucson

What to Expect During Residential Treatment for Depression

Every person begins their stay with us by receiving a thorough assessment by a clinician. We make sure we understand your history of depression and how you experience it. This enables us to create a program for residential treatment for depression that reflects your specific needs. Other facilities use the same “one size fits all” plan for everyone, which leaves many people without the focused care that addresses their exact requirements. 

Each person who stays with us receives a schedule of therapy sessions to attend. They work with licensed mental health experts who know how to guide someone out of intense feelings of depression. We also include plenty of downtime to process the lessons learned during therapy appointments and to relax. By the time people graduate from our program, we have prepared them to return home with healthy coping skills and the ability to feel excited about their lives again. 

FAQ About Depression

What Does Depression Feel Like? 

Having a constant feeling of sadness and hopelessness the person can’t change. It affects their appetite, and sleep patterns, and makes them withdraw from the world.

Is Depression Genetic? 

Depression can be caused by several factors, including genetics. Someone with a family history of depression has an increased likelihood of developing it.

Can Depression Be Cured? 

Major depressive disorder cannot be cured, but with proper treatment, a person can manage their symptoms and improve their condition.

What to Say to Someone Who is Depressed 

Remind them you care about them, ask how you can help them, remind them they deserve to feel better, and recommend they get treatment. 

Does Depression Make You Tired? 

Depression affects the brain’s neurotransmitters, which control how awake a person feels. People with depression often have trouble sleeping or they sleep too much.

How Long Does Depression Last? 

Depressive symptoms can last for several days to several months. When left untreated, they can go on for years. 

Can Depression Cause Memory Loss? 

Depression is linked to short-term memory loss. It can also affect a person’s ability to concentrate, which can contribute to not remembering certain things.

Is Depression a Disease?

Depression is classified as a mental health disorder that responds to treatment, but it is not considered a disease.

Benefits of Receiving Residential Treatment

Residential treatment for depression has a few advantages over outpatient treatment. Someone with severe depression often benefits from getting away from their home environment and the daily grind of life. Residential programs offer a comfortable place to live temporarily and get away from stressors that exacerbate depression. This proves especially true when the facility is located in scenic Tucson, Arizona. People in residential treatment enjoy delicious meals prepared with their dietary needs in mind and regular housekeeping. Their only job is to concentrate on getting better. 

As well, help is available around the clock, instead of just during a set schedule of weekday hours. This means that whenever someone is having a tough time, they have access to clinicians who help them get through any challenging moments that may occur.

The best residential depression treatment in Arizona

Why Choose Montare Tucson for Depression Treatment?

While many companies offer residential treatment for depression, the levels of quality can vary to a huge degree. Montare Behavioral Health of Tucson sets itself apart from other facilities because we believe in combining comfort with expert treatment. Our clients feel at home when they stay with us, which helps them concentrate on achieving their treatment goals. 

We have a staff full of experts with years of experience treating depression and other mental health disorders. They offer friendly faces and compassionate conversations to help people open up and talk about their mental illness. In both individual and group therapy settings, each person is guided through conversations and exercises that help them reframe how they think, feel, and behave. They learn to step outside their depression and control the symptoms. We have a vested interest in making sure those we treat leave here with a newfound sense of faith in their continued efforts to heal. 

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Do you want to find residential treatment for depression but feel overwhelmed by all the choices? Montare Behavioral Health of Tucson believes that everyone deserves the finest help available and designed our program to reflect that. We provide the exact therapy modalities that help people cross over from living under the weight of depression and back into the light. Our team makes living in our comfortable home an experience that provides the know-how and confidence to improve your mood. We also provide access to prescription medications that help ease your symptoms.

Contact us today to start a discussion about how our program can give you the long-lasting help you deserve. Let our caring staff lead you out of the darkness of depression.