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When someone lives with a mental health disorder they can’t seem to heal from, they often wonder if there is a missing piece to the puzzle. For many people, the answer lies in receiving Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). Our DBT therapy in Tucson, Arizona helps many people learn to understand their mental health. Additionally, they can use DBT to help decrease their symptoms and assume greater control in handling their mental health. We can provide an assessment to determine if our DBT therapy in Tucson is right for you.

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What is DBT Therapy?

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is a form of talk therapy often used to treat a variety of mental health disorders. Modified from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), this therapy was originally used as a way to treat borderline personality disorder. Dialectical behavior therapy is comprised of six main points; dialectical thinking, mindfulness, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness, and validation. Now, people with several types of mental illness diagnoses can benefit from it. In fact, it can also help people dealing with substance use disorders. 

One of the hallmarks of feeling lost in a mental illness relates to how a person often feels stuck in their emotions or their pasts. As a result, they find it difficult to make progress. DBT therapy helps people learn to regulate their emotions. As well, it assists them in learning to discard irrational reactions to situations. Instead, they learn healthy coping skills that help them make progress. When these skills become second nature, the individual can make real progress in healing. For this reason, we offer DBT therapy in Tucson as part of our therapeutic choices for groups and individuals.

DBT can be tremendously effective in treating several mental health disorders and symptoms. These include: 

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How Does DBT Therapy in Tucson, AZ Treat Mental Health?

When someone begins DBT therapy in Tucson, they will start by receiving an overview of how it works. The main goals include helping the person to identify and regulate their emotions. They also learn they are capable of handling distressful situations better than before. This comes from a person learning to distract themselves, use self-soothing techniques, and understand how living in distress only serves to harm them.

From there, they can develop mindfulness skills. These allow the person to focus on the present, rather than feeling lost in the past or obsessively worried about the future. As events or emotions occur, they can stay centered rather than feel ungrounded. Mindfulness skills include learning to pause in the moment and identify things around the person, such as what they can see, hear, smell, and touch. This can help stave off symptoms of anxiety, depression, and more. 

Learning healthy coping skills helps people in a variety of ways. It can keep them from engaging in behaviors that keep them rooted in their problems. For example, they can learn to choose positive emotions over negative ones. As well, it can help people learn to replace dangerous behaviors that accompany issues ranging from self-injury to eating disorders and substance abuse.

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Benefits of Our Tucson DBT Therapy

One of the benefits of our DBT therapy in Tucson, Arizona involves the fact that it comes as part of our residential program. When a person leaves behind the triggers of their daily life and moves into our facility, they can really focus on healing. When living with us, each person who qualifies for this treatment can really dive into it. Our DBT therapy groups in Tucson meet regularly over an extended period of time. This allows the individual to become proficient at using this effective therapy to make true progress. 

The staff who provides DBT has trained extensively in the field. They have the experience that allows them to understand the best way to guide each person they treat. This creates a true relationship between the therapist and the individual and the trust needed to use DBT effectively. 

Another benefit of our DBT program comes with how it can improve personal relationships. Someone who has a newfound ability to regulate their emotions and make healthier choices finds that it overlaps into other areas. It can help them achieve more peaceful and meaningful relationships with family members, partners, friends, and more. 

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Have you tried to get help for a mental health disorder but haven’t found the right fit yet? Montare Behavioral Health of Tucson understands that there isn’t just one type of therapy that helps everyone. For this reason, we offer DBT therapy in Tucson as part of our menu of different types of approaches. This type of therapy proves helpful in treating many different kinds of mental illnesses. 

Would you like to hear more about our DBT therapy groups in Tucson? Contact us today and we can help you decide if this is the right therapeutic approach for you or someone you love.