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Montare Behavioral Health believes that every person deserves to enjoy good mental health. When someone develops a mental health disorder, we know how to help them. Our Tucson, Arizona mental health services feature the kind of focused professional help you need to manage your symptoms and understand how to enjoy a more balanced life.

Types of Therapy We Offer in Tucson, Arizona

When someone seeks help for a mental illness, they want to know the care they receive is world-class. Our Tucson, Arizona mental health services include therapies administered by a staff of experienced psychological and medical experts. Our staff possesses the depth of knowledge needed to diagnose and treat a variety of different types of mental health disorders. 

We offer a multitude of types of therapy services you may not find in other places. Each type is proven to help people address and improve various mental health conditions. When someone takes advantage of several types of therapy while in treatment, they increase their ability to get better.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps identify automatic negative views and thoughts and turns them into more realistic and positive emotions and behaviors.


Dialectical Behavior Therapy teaches people to regulate their emotions and develop healthy coping skills to help them move forward into brighter futures.


EMDR is the use of specific eye movements and responses to direction from a therapist in order to overcome symptoms of PTSD.


Holistic therapy uses a variety of therapies that help treat a person’s mind, body, and spirit all at once, resulting in improved mental health.


Individual therapy is a one-on-one therapy with a counselor that provides a private setting to discuss all areas of a person’s life and goals.


Group therapy is when a therapist leads a group of people with common conditions and goals to provide peer support for each other.


Family therapy is where family and close friends join together in sessions that focus on their loved one and how to support them in healing.

Benefits of Our Tucson, Arizona Mental Health Services

Our facility is located in scenic Tucson, Arizona. This area provides a beautiful backdrop for someone to live while they work on improving their lives. We offer a homelike environment that helps people leave behind the daily grind and stressors and focus on healing themselves. Our residence is modern and comfortable and filled with like-minded residents who share the goal of healing.

When someone comes to us needing help, we teach them to understand their condition and the most effective ways to improve their mental health. The person learns how to recognize and predict symptoms of their mental health disorders. From there, we teach them to minimize and even overcome many of them. While the healing begins during their stay with us, we also prepare each person to return home ready to maintain better mental health. 

Mental Health Conditions We Treat in Tucson, Arizona

At Montare of Tucson, we treat a wide variety of mental health disorders, including:

Take Advantage of Our Mental Health Services in Tucson, Arizona

Have you reached the point where you feel ready to get help for a mental health disorder? Montare Behavioral Health of Tucson is the home of expert, compassionate care provided by professionals. We get to know each person who visits us so we can help you achieve your goals for improving the symptoms that challenge your emotions and mindsets. 

Do you want to know more about our Tucson, Arizona mental health services? Visit our admissions page now to see how easy it is to get started.