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While individual therapy can offer a lot to someone working on improving their mental health, other options can also provide help. Group therapy brings people struggling with the same issue together in one room and helps them learn to heal. Bonds built during peer support can really bolster everyone’s ability to achieve results. Our group therapy program in Tucson, Arizona comes as part of our residential treatment. Our experienced therapists help each person learn how to come together as a team and continue to practice those skills once they graduate from our program.

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What is Group Therapy?

Group therapy happens when several people come together in order to receive therapy as a team. One or more therapists licensed to provide group therapy will lead each group. Group therapy can be conducted by counselors, marriage and family therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers. While the size of the group may vary, the average number of people ranges from six to twelve. 

Each group centers around a common condition every member has and wants to overcome. Group therapy often helps people who have a mental health disorder or a substance use disorder. It can be provided as an outpatient service in a private therapist’s office, a mental health outpatient clinic, or community center. Many residential programs use group therapy to help treat people under their care. Residential programs typically use group therapy as part of an overall plan that includes individual therapy. 

Different types of group therapy exist, with the type needed depending on the person’s diagnosis and treatment goals. Common types of group therapy include:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: This helps people understand how to identify negative thinking patterns, emotions, and behaviors. They learn to replace them with healthy ways of thinking and acting, which influences a better emotional outlook. 

Psychoeducation Groups: These groups help people learn about their mental health disorders and the power they have to participate in treating them.  

Support Groups: These can take place outside of a formal treatment program. Support groups can include people struggling with a life challenge. Additionally, many focus on the loved ones who need help to understand and support a family member or friend. 

Interpersonal Groups: These types of groups help people learn to evaluate and change their relationships with other people. They learn to foster healthier relationships and social interactions both with loved ones and in social situations.

What Does Our Group Therapy in Tucson, AZ Treat?

People who come to us for help have a wide background of different types of challenges to their mental health. For this reason, we provide group therapy in Tucson that is designed to treat several types of mental health disorders. In addition, we treat substance use disorders, which often occur alongside mental health disorders. When someone arrives for treatment, we perform an extensive assessment in order to understand their specific needs. From there, we can determine what needs addressing in group and other types of therapy. 

The mental health disorders we treat include:

  • Depression
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Mood Disorders
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Complex Trauma
  • Schizophrenia
Woman with mental illness benefiting from group therapy Tucson Arizona
Benefits of group therapy Tucson

Why is Group Therapy Beneficial for Mental Health?

One of the biggest challenges of having a mental health disorder involves secrecy. Many people feel ashamed of their condition and hesitant to discuss it with anyone. Our group therapy in Tucson helps people realize that they are not alone. Millions of people experience mental illnesses each year. When they come together to speak openly about the challenges that come with it, they can make measurable progress. 

An additional benefit comes from how group therapy teaches people to both give and receive support. Helping others who have similar life challenges can feel empowering. It can also help the individual realize if they believe others can heal, it applies to themselves, too. As well, many people who deal with mental health disorders and substance use disorders don’t feel comfortable accepting help. When they come together in group therapy, they learn that they have a safe space in which to be vulnerable. From there, they can trust that the help being offered to them is genuine and can impact their lives positively.

Our group therapists have an impressive combined amount of experience treating people. They understand how to identify and treat a variety of mental illnesses. As well, they have training in helping people who also have a dual diagnosis. Our group therapists know how to lead people and bring out the best in them. The group works as a team in order to make progress individually and as partners in pursuit of better mental health.

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Do you have concerns about issues related to your mental health but don’t know how to treat them? Maybe you’ve heard about group therapy but aren’t certain how it works. At Montare Behavioral Health of Tucson, we understand how vital having a group therapy program can be. Our group therapy Tucson allows you to find peers who come together in pursuit of similar goals. From there, everyone can make progress in improving their mental health. 

To find out more about our world-class residential program for mental health and substance use disorders, visit our admissions page now. We can help you take that first step toward a brighter, healthier future.