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Having good mental health is one of the most important things in life. When someone develops a mental health disorder, it greatly impacts every area of their world. Poor mental health can make it difficult to have healthy relationships, have a successful career, or stay focused in school. Montare Behavioral Health of Tucson understands how to help people improve their behavioral health by using a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment. We help residents of Marana, Arizona address and treat their behavioral health symptoms at our residential treatment center. Our comfortable, homey facility gives people a chance to step away from the stress of their daily lives and focus on healing.

About Our Behavioral Health Treatment Near Marana, AZ

We created our behavioral health treatment program with the goal of helping people from places like Marana, AZ who suffer from a multitude of mental health disorders. Our staff has trained extensively in the field of mental health, which allows them to treat several kinds of mental illnesses. We treat a multitude of behavioral health conditions including:

Many people who have a mental health disorder also deal with an addiction to alcohol or drugs. When this occurs, it’s called a dual diagnosis. Often, one condition influences the other. For example, someone with an untreated mental illness may abuse alcohol or drugs to try to get relief from their symptoms. In addition, some people who have a substance use disorder end up developing or worsening the existing symptoms of a mental health disorder. We treat dual diagnosis, which allows the individual to receive valuable help for their physical and mental health simultaneously.

How Montare Behavioral Health treats people from Marana Arizona

What to Expect During Our Marana Behavioral Health Treatment

Our Marana behavioral health program includes several types of therapy. An initial assessment of each person we treat helps us understand what their specific needs are and how to meet them. As a result, we create a schedule of therapy sessions that cover all the bases. They help people process their experiences and emotions in a safe, healing environment. Each type of therapy offers something that helps improve a person’s symptoms and enjoy better overall mental health.

The types of therapy we offer include:

Individual therapy: Speaking in one-on-one sessions with a therapist who gets to know the person and helps them meet their treatment goals.

Group therapy: People with common mental health conditions meet under the guidance of a therapist who helps them support each other.

Family therapy: Family and close friends meet with a therapist to understand how to improve their communication skills and help their loved one heal.

Holistic therapy: This helps treat the overall person, including their mind, body, and spirit.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): This teaches a person to identify negative thought patterns and replace them with positive ones that bring about effective changes.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT): This helps people learn to regulate their emotions and implement healthy coping skills to improve their mental health.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR): The therapist guides the person to use specific eye movements in response to direction while they reprocess trauma they have endured.

People at our Marana behavioral health center

Benefits of Going to Behavioral Health Treatment Near Marana

When someone begins treatment for their mental health or addiction, they begin to reap several benefits. Our behavioral health treatment center close to Marana, Arizona comes with a staff of people who have devoted their careers to helping people enjoy better mental health, which often results in improved physical health, too. Our staff includes mental health professionals who have years of experience working with people who have illnesses such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, and more. They bring to the table a compassionate approach and a complete plan for helping each person achieve their goals.

Montare Tucson is a residential facility that feels more like a home. We purposely designed our center to feature beautifully decorated common areas and private zones. We want everyone who stays with us to feel relaxed and like they have entered a peaceful place where they can concentrate on healing their mental health.

For those who need prescription medications, our physicians can consult with them to decide which approach provides the right fit. The patient will be monitored for any side effects and to see how they respond to medications.

Contact Our Behavioral Health Center Near Marana, Arizona

Do you want to get quality treatment for your mental health but aren’t sure where to go? Montare Behavioral Health of Tucson knows that each person needs a plan tailored to their specific needs. Our Marana behavioral health program looks at your exact situation and creates a treatment plan that addresses your issues. Together, we work as a team to help you set and meet goals that help elevate your mood and ability to function in your daily life. We also provide any needed prescription medications and monitor their usage for your results.

For more information about how easy it is to get started improving your mental health, contact us now. Our admissions staff is ready to answer any questions you have.