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One of the most precious things a person can have is good mental health. When they experience a mental health disorder, they want to find prompt and effective treatment that helps them address their condition head-on. Montare Behavioral Health of Tucson understands how to help people struggling to gain control of mental health disorder symptoms. Our mental health Tucson program treats a variety of disorders with compassion and expertise. We help you get back to living your life with better mental and emotional health.

Mental Health Disorders We Treat in Tucson, AZ

Any one of several mental health disorders can impact a person’s life. This makes it important that our mental health in Tucson facility provides care for a number of conditions. This becomes even more important for individuals who may deal with more than one challenge to their mental health. Additionally, some people have a dual diagnosis, which is the presence of both mental illness and a substance use disorder. For them, getting help for both conditions at the same time becomes a necessity.

When someone comes to us for treatment, we get to know them as individuals. We know there is no one-size-fits-all care for mental health. As a result, we create a treatment plan that fits each person’s diagnosis and goals. We invest our time and expertise in helping everyone understand why they feel the way they do. From there, we work on establishing concrete ways to improve their mental health. 

Dual Diagnosis

The presence of both a mental illness and an addiction to drugs or alcohol.


Post-traumatic stress disorder can develop after experiencing a traumatic event.

Complex Trauma

This can occur after exposure to multiple traumatic events over time.


Feeling consistently anxious or having panic attacks are part of an anxiety disorder.


Produces a persistent feeling of sadness and hopelessness that affects all areas of life.

Bipolar Disorder

This causes tremendous mood swings ranging from mania to depression.

Mood Disorders

Mood disorders impact a person’s ability to control their moods and emotions.


Affects cognitive abilities, speech, and behaviors and can include hallucinations.


Borderline personality disorder causes trouble with relating to others and regulating emotions.

Why Treat Your Mental Health in Tucson, Arizona?

For those who live in the area, getting treatment for mental health in Tucson makes sense. Attending residential treatment near loved ones can create a sense of security and allow them to feel at home. Alternatively, it can be more beneficial for others to get away from their home town. Sometimes a new location can help inspire the desire to change and get well. This can be particularly true in a part of the country so rich in beauty as the Tucson, AZ community. 

At Montare Behavioral Health of Tucson, Arizona, we not only provide treatment for the many different types of mental health disorders, but we offer a multitude of some of the best therapy and service options to help individuals learn how to manage the symptoms of their disorders.

Begin Treatment for Mental Health in Tucson, AZ

Have you reached the point where you realize you need professional help to gain control of a mental illness? If you or someone you love needs specialized treatment, Montare Behavioral Health of Tucson can help. We employ a staff of highly experienced clinicians who understand how to treat multiple types of mental health disorders. Our mental health Tucson facility includes a Veterans program and an Alumni program. We make sure that no matter your background or life circumstances, you leave our treatment ready to enjoy improved mental health. 

If you would like more information, please contact us now. Our admissions staff can answer any questions you have.