I Feel Stuck in Depression: What Can I Do?

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Do you feel stuck in depression and need a qualified treatment program to help you overcome it? You’re not alone because many people struggle with this mental health disorder and reach out for professional care in order to treat the symptoms and the overall illness. Our residential program provides a restful homelike center that allows you to leave the stress of daily life behind. While you stay with us, our compassionate and highly trained staff focus on you and help you take the reigns so you can begin to heal. 

How Long Does Depression Usually Last?

Statistics show that getting stuck in depression isn’t something that just happens to a few people. Millions of people experience this often debilitating mental illness at least once over their lifetime. In fact, 8.7% of women have depression, while 5.3% of men have it. How long depression lasts depends on a few factors. These include any family history of the disease, the person’s lifestyle, and whether or not they receive treatment. Additionally, what kind of treatment they receive and their level of participation in it can influence how long depression lasts. This includes attending therapy sessions and residential care, as well as taking any recommended medications.

For some people, depressive episodes come and go in cycles. For others, depression remains a constant emotional state. If symptoms of depression continue for more than a few weeks, the person should see their doctor or a licensed counselor. Someone with diagnosable depression will need treatment in order to overcome it or manage the symptoms. If left untreated, it can lead to suicidal feelings or attempts.

Why Do I Feel Stuck in Depression?

One of the symptoms of depression is a feeling of being stuck. This mental health disorder causes people to feel powerless when it comes to feeling better, which often means they feel stuck in a rut. Depression symptoms also can include a loss of interest in daily activities. Even hobbies, social events, and time with loved ones can feel meaningless. The person longs to experience the joy and passion they used to feel, but being stuck in depression robs them of this ability. 

What Can I Do About Feeling Stuck and Depressed?

Depression often means a person doesn’t feel motivated to change their routine. They find that they drag themselves through the same old routine day after day. While receiving therapeutic care for depression proves important, part of what can help involves getting out of a rut. The first step to this is to determine what the rut is about. Ruts can be related to things like personal relationships, careers, friendships, home life, or health. Figuring out what the issue is helps determine the steps to correct it. Here are some ideas for getting out of a rut that is part of depression:

Change Your Routine: This can be as simple as picking a new route to drive to work or listening to new music. Even rearranging furniture in a room can help life feel less routine.

Be More Social: If your nights are normally spent camping out alone in front of the television, make an effort to have a bigger social life. Invite a few friends over for a game night or pick a new restaurant and ask someone to meet you there. Volunteering for an organization that means something to you can also get you out of the house and around people. 

Develop New Interests: Choose a new hobby and spend time doing it each week. 

Be Spontaneous: Say yes to an unexpected invitation. Pick a day and decide to do something you don’t normally do. It might be taking your kids (or your friend’s kids) to the zoo, going out to see a movie, or exploring a hiking path. 

Health: make adjustments to learn healthy new recipes or ways of eating, begin a regular exercise routine, and aim for a regular sleep schedule. 

Man stuck in depression used our guide to oversome some symptoms

Is Depression Treatment an Option for Me?

Depression is not just a case of the blues or something that can be overcome with willpower or just trying to stay positive. Anytime someone deals with a diagnosable case of depression, they greatly benefit from receiving professional treatment. While some people do well with just outpatient care, for others, the need for treatment runs deeper. In this case, residential care can help those stop the pattern of being stuck in depression. Residential treatment provides multiple types of therapy provided over time that have a cumulative effect of “unsticking” the person. An evaluation by a doctor, psychiatrist, or treatment facility admissions staff member can determine if someone would benefit from this type of care.

Contact Our Depression Treatment Center in Arizona

When you feel stuck in depression, it colors your entire world. If you have struggled with depression and cannot seem to find a way out, let us help you. Montare Behavioral Health of Tucson provides quality residential care for those who need assistance in overcoming their depression. Our full staff of experienced therapists has dedicated their lives to helping people improve their mental health. They provide multiple types of therapy designed to reduce and eliminate many symptoms of depression, allowing you to begin to heal. 

Visit our admissions page now and find out how simple it is to get started. We can help verify your insurance and answer any questions you have about our program.